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Baguera New Era vs Nexus Collection

Written by Baguera Jewellery


Posted on November 17 2016

As some of you might know Baguera is now lead by Miss Raquel Strecht. It's a whole new era
for Baguera and Miss Strecht is happy and ready to share with you the new Nexus collection!

But first we have something to show you...before Branca Cuvier pass Baguera to Miss Strecht they
decided together to give a new twist to the classic Vectory clutch. They considered so many
shapes and forms and finally got to the most perfect design and made it evolve to an Envelope bag.


It is never too late to make this dream come true as we had so many people asking to create a Vectory
envelope bag. So there you go! It is here and it is here to stay.

Now about the elegant Nexus collection!

It is all about being classy, sober and posh. Miss Strecht was inspired by what can be created when
connecting two dots and two elements. Of course the rectangle was the chosen shape as it represents
sobriety. The repetition of it allied to a careful use of color creates an architectural pattern that make these
designs work as whole functional pieces.

The application of the metallic color is what brings expression to the created patterns, mixed together with green and black,
it is the metallic that makes certain parts stand out.

If there are two women who Miss Strecht kept on thinking about when creating Nexus collection are the international actress
Charlize Theron and the portuguese entrepreneur and model Raquel Prates.

We hope you like these amazing new pieces! We think they are perfect for this season! 



Baguera Team



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