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It's Fresh, It's Bright, IT'S VITAL New Collection

Written by Baguera Jewellery


Posted on December 05 2018

This collection was born of a need to create something more organic, distinct from the
Vectory and Nexus geometric lines. Inspired by nature, 
Vital Collection is full of energy,
both for its design as its vibrant colours.

With a fresh and springy touch, this collection is perfect for giving a luminous touch
and brighten your day! (even in the darkest and greyest day of winter)!

Whether you match a piece with a simple knit sweater to give your look a twist,
or use them as a complement to a shimmering sequin dress, you will surely shine!

See for yourself:

You can bloom yourself with these Lotus pieces,

Turn a new leaf with the Calathea,

And these Raindrop earrings? Absolutely drops of joy!

Hope you like it!

Have a great week,





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