New collection . It's Pulpylicious!

Posted: Jun 09 2016

This is such juicy news...we got so enthusiastic about our 2016 theme being Tropicalia and

we did a whole new collection about it. The best part is that we have new bags!


The Vectory collection was and still is our bestseller one comparing to the other ones -

Silhouette and Impala. But everyone loves the clutches and keep asking for new designs of

Baguera bags. So there you go!

These Pulpy Citron pouches are simpler but funnier, and easy to wear. They match with

every look and fit every occasion. Plus we worked on cheaper prices for this collection so

everybody is able to get one...or two! Who knows!

We love our Vectory bold earrings but there are days that we decide to dress a bit more

eccentric and the Vectory earrings are a bit too much and we still feel like we need

something to make us shine. Literally. 

The Pulpy earrings and necklaces did that, they work every time. They are so small and yet

the "cherry on top" kind of thing that we needed!

The Citron, Strawberry, Apple and Passionfruit are here to make our Summer rule!


Have a great week!


Baguera Team