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  • Jade, Sunset & Caribbean

    This year's theme is Tropicalia and we are all about being hot and lush! Tropicalia is color, fresh, juicy, exotic, equatorial, warm and wild! For May we launched these limited...

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  • Indigo & Mocca Combos

    Hello Spring! Our favourite season just started. We long waited to see flowers blooming in their vibrant colours and yearn to feel the sun burning lightly our skin as a pre...

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  • Exclusive Jewellery for Édona

    Exclusive Jewellery for Édona

    We are very excited to show you some of the jewellery we exclusively designed for the portuguese shop Édona! Together with Édona's owner Rita we took a bet on new...

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  • R&B

    Five years after making the brand grow internationally, Branca Cuvier invited her long time friend Raquel Strecht to be her partner at Baguera. The jewellery designer and artist Branca is very happy...

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